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 Saturday, 15 August 2020 10:41 - Sunday, 31 January 2021 10:43

Guiaventuras Chiclana

Explore, learn and enjoy a funny adventure in Chiclana!
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Delegación de Turismo

The Tourism Department launches the initiative ‘Guiaventuras Chiclana’ in order to discover our places of interest through a treasure hunt. This game, which is addressed to the whole family, does not need any app to download.

The Municipal Tourism Representative, Pepa Vela, has released it as a tourist guide with an adventure touch. The visitor, exploring and learning, is the protagonist of this treasure hunt through spots full of history and other details that usually go unnoticed. Search for the answer to the riddles and go forward to the next step of the quiz.

It deals with a funny way to learn and discover Chiclana’s curiosities. The first 100 adventurers ,who finish successfully the quiz, can get a summery gift in the town centre tourist office by showing the screen shot after overcoming the final challenge.


What are you waiting for to check your knowledge about Chiclana?