Land of coming an goings


A large part of the history of our land has been written, told, sung and danced amongst alegrías, fandangos, seguiriyas and soleares, a hybrid destiny of fusion, with deep roots, which has amongst its greats the cantaor Alonso Núñez Núñez, Rancapino.

An outstanding protagonist of this art that knows no boundaries, Chiclana breathes the air of flamenco in every corner. On warm summer nights these airs stroll through the patios and blow with strength and distinction in events such as the Concurso Nacional de Cante Flamenco Ciudad de Chiclana (national flamenco singing competition).

The cantaores Rancapino Chico and Antonio Reyes and the bailaora Macarena Ramírez are outstanding ambassadors of this universal expression. We invite you to come and meet them on traditional stages such as the Peña Flamenca Chiclanera or in those academies that pay homage to singing, flamenco guitar and dancing and where, if you dare, you will be able to discover the secrets of this universal feeling.