Landscapes of history and emotions


Colina de Santa Ana, Loma del Puerco, Templo de Hércules, Salinas, Miralmar, El Carrascal and La Espartosa, these are the names of seven spots in Chiclana that you will never forget. These are watchtowers that strategically dot our coastline and historic centre to show you landscapes of extraordinary beauty; magical, unique points from which you can enjoy indescribable sunsets, look out over unique natural environments, gaze at landscapes that go beyond our borders and 'read' pages of special historical importance.

There are seven magic points found in such engaging places like the islet on which, three thousand years ago now, the Phoenicians built the Temple of Melkart, or the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park, a privileged refuge for thousands of birds, and which you can enjoy through comfortable walks along our lanes and beaches.