Let them tell you all about it


Did you know that we are a land of civilizations like the Phoenicians? That historical episodes of extraordinary importance such as the Battle of Chiclana were written on our streets and on our shores? That modern bullfighting was forged here and that we gave life to Romanticism? Or that the deepest roots of a territory of noble and famous wines and rich salts lie in our fields?

We invite you to unravel these and many other questions of our history through a journey of experiences in the different museum spaces of the city. In the Museum of Chiclana you can travel through the different periods of our history; in the Francisco Montes 'Paquiro' Romantic Museum you can breathe the essence of modern bullfighting, and in the Wine and Salt Interpretation Centre you can immerse yourself in a thousand and one sensations linked to products that are one hundred percent from Chiclana.