Sancti Petri village | The eternal dream of the almadraba

Poblado de Sancti Petri


If there are places, landscapes, that make a destination different, special, then Sancti Petri is one of them. Overlooking the mythical castle of the same name and the natural border between the waters of the Atlantic and the spectacular labyrinth of channels in the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park, this small and magical territory treasures at its heart the fishing history of Chiclana de la Frontera and, in particular, the history of the almadraba.

As we invite you to discover, it is enough to take a walk along the streets of its ancient fishing village to perceive the echoes of some of the most outstanding pages of a fishing art that, since time immemorial, has brought to shore the much appreciated bluefin tuna, inspiring an ancient gastronomic culture. 

Sancti Petri is an enclave that belonged to the former Consorcio Nacional Almadrabero (National Almadraba Consortium) and is a must for lovers of relaxation, nature, water sports, history, the culture of the almadraba, good food linked to the sea and, above all, those pleasures that make life very special.  

Few experiences are comparable to enjoying excellent fried fish, those that are captured in the waters of the Bay of Cadiz or in our salt marshes, while, in the best of company, you enjoy the sunset over the Castle of Sancti Petri or the orchestrated passage of the birds that, since the dawn of time, have made the environment of Sancti Petri a refuge or resting place in their long migratory journeys.