Teatro Moderno (Town Theatre)

C/ Nueva, 20


The modern theatre has a rich and varied programhas been frequented by artists and creators of the first line who have helped not a little to it´s difussion and that startedit´s stage among many other actors and actresses of the stature of Nuria Espert, Lola Herrera, Jose Sacristan, Manuel Galiana, Veronica Forque, Asuncion Balaguer o Maria luisa Merlo, musicians such as Amancio Prada, Luis Eduardo Aute, paco Ibañez or Michael Nyman, orchestras as prestigios as the Mozartum de Salszburgo or the Russian state.

But being a public Theatre it has a commitment not only to the public and it´s demandbut also to profesional and amateur companies that demand and rightfully showthe fruits of their effortsand their talent.

The fact of sharing facilities with the House of Culture has been used to link the theatre is programming with it is own, this giving rise to very interesting thematic cycles wherethe same theme ends up being addressed fron the thaetre, music, painting, etc and counting on conferences colloquia book presentation or film screenings.