Sublime wine territory


As you know, we are an important, undeniable part of that magic triangle from which some of the most prestigious wines in the world have flowed since time immemorial, the Marco de Jerez.

Cradled by a mild, gentle climate, which drinks from the Atlantic breeze, our wines are the product of a thousand-year-old tradition, inherited and cultivated generation after generation and whose great secrets sleep in our vineyards and cellars.

You will discover that few journeys are comparable to those that we offer, inviting you to discover the thousand and one nuances and aromas of Chiclanero wines. These are experiences that envelop and hypnotise your palate and sense of smell with the most intimate and deepest essence of our land in wines of international renown, praised by the most demanding palates, flowing naturally through finos, moscatels, olorosos, amontillados, creams, reds, rosés and whites.

This is a culture, a way of understanding life and of interpreting the goodness of the land that is represented in our vineyards, but also in our town centre, where you can enjoy those temples to wine that are our wineries.

Primitivo Collantes, San Sebastián, Vélez, Unión de Viticultores Chiclaneros "Bodega Cooperativa" and Manuel Aragón "Sanatorio" together sketch one of the most magical itineraries and one of the most authentic, presenting Chiclana, our Chiclana, that we are excited for you to explore and, above all, savour.

If you feel like it, we'd like to invite you to visit the Wine and Salt Interpretation Centre as a prologue.