Wine and Salt Interpretation Centre

Plaza de las Bodegas, s/n (frente al Mercado de Abastos)


Would you like to know how a salt pan works and how the exquisite fleur de sel is obtained? Or, perhaps, explore the intricacies involved in producing wines as famous as those of Chiclana?

If your answer is yes, we've made it very easy for you. Just let yourself be carried away by an experience of emotions that has been devised to reveal each and every one of the secrets of these two products that have shaped our landscape and history since time immemorial.

This interactive journey, sprinkled with stimuli and proposals, takes place inside one of those wineries that, even today, are outstanding protagonists of this territory of noble wine and white salt that captures the soul of the Bay of Cadiz.

Additionally, the Interpretation Centre includes the "Marín Collection", an exhibition devoted to the well-known dolls as well as a tribute to the memory of the artist José Marín Verdugo..