Colada de Fuente Amarga, Pinar de la Espartosa y Callejón de Borreguitos

Camino Colada de Fuente Amarga


If you are a lover of landscapes, of gazing into the distance and letting your imagination run wild in territories whose depths seem almost infinite, this walk will more than meet your expectations.

The path starts in the old Colada de Fuente Amarga and will immerse you in areas of cultivation and stands of trees of such high ecological value as the Pinar de la Espartosa, which every spring becomes a nesting place for hundreds of storks.

Along this route you will be able to enjoy the views offered by one of the seven magic points that lookout over the district. This one, located in front of some water tanks by the pine forest, will delight you with the spectacular views of the compact mass of the pine forest, the La Paja lagoon, and, on clear days, of the neighbouring town of Medina Sidonia and the outline of the Aljibe mountains.