Iglesia Jesús Nazareno (church)

C/ Jesús de Nazareno s/n


Right in the historical centre, in Jesús Nazareno Square, the hub of movement in town, sits one of the churches with the strongest religious and sentimental ties to Chiclana, the Church of Jesús Nazareno.

This outstanding local Baroque jewel, built thanks to the contributions of patrons from Cadiz who traded with the Americas, features elements and pieces of extraordinary value, such as its altarpieces (17th and 18th centuries) and the image of Jesus of Nazareth, one of the most venerated in town. This image is joined by another of historical and religious importance, that of the Divino Indiano, brought from Mexico.

Behind its white and humble walls, ‘broken’ by the spectacular baroque façade (made with white marble from Genoa), is found the convent of the Reverendas Madres Agustinas Recoletas.

The nuns combine their cloistered spiritual life with the preparation of exquisite morsels of cakes and pastries, like their famous tortas, which make an exquisite, sweet finale to your visit.


Construction date: Between 1667 and 1674.

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 6 pm to 8,30 pm.