Puerta Verde

Ctra. de Medina (A-390)


The route runs along a section of the Cordel de los Marchantes livestock path, going through a scenery of characteristic gentle hills from Cádiz countryside.

The walk starts surrounded by agricultural fields, where the landscape changes tone and texture according to the seasons of the year and the type of crop. An experience that can be enjoyed by gazing the views from a lookout located just 500 metres away from the start.

The path continues through Mediterranean bush with certain high density areas that become a perfect shelter for the wild fauna. The dominant plant in this flora is the lentisco (mastic tree), a key bush for the survival of multitude of small birds, followed by stone pines and fan palms.

In the middle of the journey, the trail passes very close to the Jeli lagoon, area of great importance for its diverse waterfowl such as Camalón Común, Somormujo Lavanco, Focha Cornuda, Malvasías Cabeciblancas or Cercetas Pardillas. From its design avant-garde ecological wood observatory to be able to blend in with the background, it is possible to be delighted by the autochthonous wildlife in its natural habitat.

At last, this place, belonging to the Endorheic Complex Natural Reserve of Chiclana, finishes its itinerary connecting the Cordel de los Marchantes with the Cordel del Fontanar and the Corredor Verde Dos Bahías (Two Bays Green Corridor) path, that continues its way to the Montellano lagoon and Parque de Las Cañadas de Puerto Real allowing the traveller to be inmersed in 22 kilometres of pure environmental wealth.

The trail is equipped with access signs and paneling for the interpretation of the scenery and the identification of its fauna. Made out of artificial gravel built upon clay soil and thanks to its light slope, it allows to enjoy this adventure by foot, by bike and even horse riding.


How to get there:

La entrada se encuentra al inicio de la carretera hacia Medina-Sidonia (A-390) a mano izquierda en el primer cruce de caminos pasando el Cementerio Mancomunado Bahía de Cádiz y la entrada al Parque Eólico La Victoria, coincidiendo así con el Cordel de los Marchantes.

Distance: 4,25km

Route type: lineal

Time: 1 hour

Grade: Easy

Maximum slope: 2,5%

G.P.S.: 36°25'11.0"N 6°04'17.0"W