Vereda de los Pinares de la Barrosa

Ctra. de la Barrosa, Pinar Publico de la Barrosa


With the Pinar de La Barrosa as the undeniable protagonist, this walk, which starts at the entrance of the Pinar Público de la Barrosa, is one of the most representative of the municipal district, extending along the local network of drover's ways and public roads.

Mastic, broom, Mediterranean dwarf palm, savin, thyme, juniper, myrtle, kermes oak, lavenders and, above all, stone pine, give shape to a Mediterranean-style path inhabited by a great variety of small mammals, many birds and the emblematic chameleon, the jewel of this southern area.

Without a doubt, this is one of those privileged paths where walking or practising sports share the common denominator of a natural environment of great beauty