Welcome to the land of wine

The Wine area of  Jerez consist of 8 cities in the Province of Cádiz: Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Chiclana de la Frontera, Chipiona, Puerto Real and Trebujena – and one city in the Province of Sevilla: Lebrija.

Situated in the southwest corner of Andalusia, it is the privileged geographic triangle between the estuary of the river Guadalquivir, the Nationalpark Doñana, the Atlantic Ocean and the rolling hills around Jerez watered by the river Guadalete. Without doubt a fantastic microclimate with more than aprox. 300 days of sunshine per year.

Chiclana de la Frontera offers a great variety of attractions for every kind of visitor. History, gastronomy, nature, sport, wide and sandy beaches …. all with a common denominator – the culture of wine which can be felt in each corner of the city.

Wines that are made from grapes Palomino and Moscatel, raised in about 300 wineyards that surround Chiclana.

With a dozen of small, private Bodegas, some with 150 years of tradition, our musts as well as our Sherry's, Oloroso and Muscatel are made according to traditional, strikt craft procedures in combination with the most modern techniques during the entire process of wine making to guarentee the highest quality of the final product.

Our “Wine Resource Guide” includes almost 50 different, rich brands, which represent the wine culture of the city of Chiclana, but also new and amazing table wines which are worth trying.



(grape variety – Palomino)
Straw yellow colour, sharp aroma with soft almond flavour. Dry and light on the palate.
With an alcohol content of around 15 % this wine should be served between 7º and 9º C. This wine is appetizing and an excellent combination with Iberian ham, sea food and fish.

AMONTILLADO (grape variety  – Palomino)
Yello to amber colour, sharp aroma. Soft and light on the palate.
With an alcohol content of  17 º to 18 º  it should be served ideally between 8º and 10 º C. But supports cooling until around 15 º. Ideal for soups, vegetables, meat  and especially for blue fish and tuna fish.

OLOROSO (grape variety - Palomino)
Amber or mahogany colour and as the name suggests ... very sharp aroma. Full body, dry wine (walnut).
With an alcohol content of around 18 º, this wine should be served between 16º – 18 º. It is an excellent wine for grilled meat and sophisticated tapas. 

CREAM Oloroso Dulce (grape variety - Palomino and Moscatel)
On one hand it has the body and the force of an Oloroso and on the other the velvety and soft taste of Moscatel. Strong, dark colour.
With an alcohol contento around 17 º this wine should be served between 12º and 14 º. Ideal throughout the day, even with ice and mint.

MOSCATEL (grape variety - Moscatel)
Pale gold or dark colour, depending on the type of wooden casks during the agying process.
With an alcohol content between  15º and 17 º this wine should be served between 16º and 18 º. Ideal for desserts, snacks or light tapas. 

BLANCOS de Mesa (grape variety - various)
Pale colour with a fresh and typical flavor of grapes
This wine in general has a low alcohol content and should be served ideally between  6º and 8 º C.

Take a walk through the wineyards of Chiclana, visit wineries is entering in the special world of wine. We invite you to live this experience with our wine route.