Mecca of flavours and textures


Plaza de las Bodegas


We are a land of quality products, a reflection of that environment of diversity in which the waters of the Atlantic, marshes, salterns, century-old vines, orchards and pastures coexist,  providing a blend of flavours and textures that you will be able to enjoy daily in our great pantry, the Mercado de Abastos.Chicharrones (crackling), Retinto beef, acedias (wedge sole), sea bass, bluefin tuna, Chiclana-style butifarra sausage, prawns, grapes, potatoes, long pork sausage, almond cakes, wine and salt are just a few of the excellent fresh products you will find in the many stands that make up this great, comfortable and central setting designed to bring the best dishes to life.

In retail stores.  

Own elaboration.

Direct sale to consumers.

Opening hours: monday to saturday, 8:00 a.m to 2.30 p.m.