Chiclana is Nature


Drawn by three 'seas' of intense blues, browns and greens (the Atlantic, the salt marshes and the mass of coastal pine forests), Chiclana de la Frontera is a paradise of emotions for those who, like you, enjoy direct contact (whether on foot, by bike or on horseback) with nature throughout the year.

A refuge for such unique species as the chameleon and a privileged place for the observation of countless migratory birds that make our marshes and lagoons a place of rest, nature is a constant in a destination that has decided to invest in sustainability.

You will see nature at its best in pine forests such as La Barrosa and El Hierro; salterns such as Santa María de Jesús and beaches such as La Barrosa. These are spaces and landscapes that we invite you to explore and enjoy through comfortable and spectacular routes by and for the senses.


From north to south and east to west, we offer you one of the most spectacular natural environments in southern Europe. A labyrinth of light and water in which marshlands, pine forests and salterns give life to the jewel that is the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park.



Forget about the worldly noise and explore this land through an endless number of routes that will conquer you.