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If you are a lover of birds and of bird watching, you probably already know that you have set your sights on the perfect place. This is an 'observatory' that is located in one of the great ornithological stages of southern Europe, at the gates of the Strait of Gibraltar and integrated into the magical maze of beaches, salterns, marshes, pine forests and wetlands that give life to the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park.

Every season, our coast is an exceptional witness to the huge migratory movements of a great variety of birds, a spectacle that brings together many enthusiasts of ornithology, both national and international, in places as emblematic as the Torre del Puerco or the salt mines of Sancti Petri.

This is a migratory passage that takes on special importance for one species in particular, the Eurasian spoonbill, since our skies are part of that 'air highway' that unites the two continents, Europe and Africa.Terns, gulls, herons, flamingos, white storks, purple herons, cormorants, horned coots, spoon ducks, mallards, little terns, sandpipers, swamphens, blackcaps and, among many others, booted eagles, short-toed eagles and Bonelli's eagles are some of the birds that an increasing number of ornithology lovers come to observe in such beautiful places as the Sancti Petri Marshes Natural Park, Chiclana Endorheic Complex, Laguna de la Paja Reserve, the pine forests of La Barrosa, El Hierro and Claverán, and the cork oak groves of Pago del Humo.