The lungs of the Bay of Cadiz


If you could observe us through the eyes of the storks that every spring make Chiclana the place, their place, to give life to their chicks, you would discover that, above all, we are a green destination, an extensive natural paradise whose borders are marked by the coastline and the countryside and whose main protagonists are the great masses of green pine forests that almost kiss the waters of the Atlantic.

This landscape is a refuge for rich fauna and flora, which can be seen all year round and which is formed by enclaves as magical and varied as the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park, the Sancti Petri Marshes Natural Site, the nature reserves of the Chiclana Endorheic Complex and the Laguna de la Paja, the periurban La Barrosa Park and the pine forests of Hierro, La Espartosa and Carboneros.

 This is a puzzle of emotions in green over which more than 125 kilometres of drover's ways are laid out.