A thousand and one landscapes in your hands


Salterns, pine forests, fine sands, monuments, lagoons, dunes, vineyards, channels, marshes, ruins, the Iro River and that ocean, the Atlantic, that comes to meet them, give life to the thousand and one routes and paths that are drawn over this diverse territory.

Trails and paths gently enter these landscapes that, like a puzzle, fit together to create a destination to be enjoyed at a slow pace, breathing winds that come from the sea; a destination that, we assure you, leaves no one untouched.

Trails and paths to help you get a glimpse of some of those pages that have led us to be what we are, from which you can enjoy landscapes not seen elsewhere, which are a refuge for travelling birds and in which ancient rituals take place from which 'flow' products and traditions that will win your heart.

Trails and paths, too, where you can enjoy sport or simply find that oasis of peace and relaxation that we know you have been looking for.

Trails and paths with their own names (Callejón del Molino, Salina Santa María de Jesús, Pinar de los Franceses, Salina de Carboneros, Colada de Fuente Amarga, Vereda de la Asomada, Jeli and Montellano Endorheic Complex, Cordel de los Marchantes, La Barrosa, Sancti Petri, Puerta Verde) that change their attractions throughout the year.