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Exhibition "La Obra Íntima"

Thursday, 14 November 2019 11:00Turismo General |

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Town Museum

This exhibition, which will beavailable to the public until 26th January, offers a small journey into the very heart of artistic creation through notebooks and intimate writings, such as letters or diaries, where the artist’s thoughts are expressed with more freedom, and often finds the seeds of what will later be his works for the general public, including some of his greatest works. Facsímiles of works from the past and originals from the present that give glimpses of authors such as Goya, Van Gogh, Enrique Quevedo, Sorolla, Gutiérrez Solana, Agu Ariza, Leonardo, Frida Kahlo, Jesús Bey, Dalí or Picasso. In this way, more than fifty pieces show the public the quiet task of the artist confronted with the role in the intimacy of artistic creation in this new temporary exhibition.

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