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Bodega Cooperativa - Unión de Viticultores Chiclaneros

Foundation year: 1992

The heir to a long tradition of cooperative work, the first expression of which was in the Colonia Vitivinícola de Campano in 1884. It later absorbed some of the members and the solera (wine-stocks) of the now vanished Cooperativa Andaluza San Juan Bautista, founded in 1956, which itself took over from the Sindicato de Viticultores del Padre Salado, created in 1914. 

Pol. Ind. El Torno. Calle de la Madera, nº 5.
Tel.: 956 535 913 / Fax: 956 535 919
E-mail: info @

WINES: Fino Chiclanero (Fino), Fino Salinas (Fino), Moscatel Don Matías (Moscatel), Cream Sarmiento (Oloroso dulce), Oloroso Matadero  (Table White) y Moscatel 1812 (Moscatel).
SERVICES: Tavern. Meeting facilities. Free entry including wine tasting.
WINES ARE AVAILABLE TO BUY: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.

GUIDED TOURS for over-10-people groups. Advance reservations required.



Bodegas Manuel Aragón "El Sanatorio"

Foundation year: 1795

Winery founded by Pedro Aragón Morales, who opened a small wine-press and a winery. His son, Juan Aragón Ramos, inherited the press and part of the solera (wine-stocks). A generation later under Diego Aragón Periñán (1896) the winery was finally established in the Calle Olivo. His son, Manuel S. Aragón Baizán (1916) laid the foundations for the company we know today.

1 *Calle Olivo, 1 Tel.: 956 400 756 / F.: 956 532 9072 *Ctra. Cádiz-Málaga km.12200 (Campano) T.: 956 535 180 / F.: 956 405 404


E-mail: administracion @

WINES: Fino Granero (Fino), Moscatel Gloria (Moscatel), Manuel Aragón Tinto (Red), Cream Viejo Arrumbaó (Cream), Manuel Aragón Sauvignon Blanc (White) y Manuel Aragón Rosado (Rosé).SERVICES: Tavern. Meeting Facilities. Room rental for celebrations.Free entry.WINES ARE AVAILABLE TO BUY:* Calle Olivo, Monday to Saturday 10 am -10 pm. Sundays 10am - 3pm.* Ctra. Cádiz-Málaga, Monday to Saturday  10 am - 2 pm

Guided Tour WINERY Ctra. Cádiz-Málaga: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12:30pm. Advance reservations required. Tours include vineyard, winery and bottling plant together with wine and tapas tasting: 14€.


Bodegas Primitivo Collantes

This winery has been in business since the last years of the 19th Century when two brothers, Primitivo and Tomás Collantes Lloredo came to Chiclana from the Valle de Iguña (Cantabria). They harvested their first grapes in 1903.

The winery became an Ordinary Collective Company (Sociedad Regular Colectiva) in 1946, before becoming a Limited Company in 1973 and adopting its Articles of Association in 1992.

*Calle Ancha, 51 Tel.: 956 400 150 - 956 400 767 / Fax: 956 531 722
Another production centre: *Bodega de Crianza. Calle Arroyuelo, 15 (only wine sale)

WINES: Fino Arroyuelo (Fino), Moscatel Oro Los Cuartillos (Moscatel), Moscatel Viejo Los Cuartillos (Moscatel), Cream El Trovador (Cream), Vino Blanco Joven Matalian (Fino), Fino Ceballos (Fino) y Amontillado Fino Rossi (Amontillado).

SERVICES: Wine shop.

WINES ARE AVAILABLE TO BUY: Monday to Friday from 07:30 am - 2:00 pm. GUIDED TOURS. Advance reservations required (at least 10-people groups).



Bodega San Sebastián

Foundation year: 1887

A traditional family-owned winery that combines age, tradition and craftsmanship. Outlet for the sale botled wines.

Calle Mendaro, 15
Tel.: 956 533 232 / Fax: 956 533 232
E-mail: jacabezadevaca @

WINES: Fino La Barrosa (Fino), Moscatel de pasas (Moscatel), Moscatel Blanco (Moscatel), Marian Cream (Cream), Oloroso Seco (Oloroso), Amontillado Solera (Amontillado), Moscatel Gran Reserva (Moscatel) y Dulce Naranja (Vino dulce).
SERVICES: Free entry including wine tasting (1 €).
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm / from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Saturday from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
-Closed on Wednesday evening-

GUIDED TOURS. Advance reservations required (at least 10-people groups): 1,50€.


Bodegas Vélez

Foundation year: 1857

The history of the Bodegas Vélez winery dates back to 1857. It was founded by Juan Manuel García, from Cabuérniga in Cantabria (northem Spain), who ran shops selling food and drink in Cadiz and San Fernando and had another shop with a wine-cellar in Jerez. The business progressed quickly between 1910 and 1920, when it changed name to José Vélez Sánchez, husband of the only daughter of the founder and also from Cantabria.

Calle San Antonio, 3
Tel.: 956 400 053 / Fax: 956 401 071
E-mail: bodegasvelezchiclana @ 

WINES: Fino Vélez (Fino), Fino Reguera (fino), Oloroso 1960 (Oloroso), Amontillado Fino Vélez (Amontillado Fino), Cajita Cream (Cream) y Costa de la Luz (Moscatel Dorado).
SERVICES: Meeting Facilities. Room rental for celebrations. 
WINES ARE AVAILABLE TO BUY: Monday to Friday from 10 am - 2 pm

GUIDED TOURS include wine tasting. Advance reservations required (at least 15-people groups): 3€.