Blowing in the wind


Land of winds, westerlies and easterlies, and sheets of living water; our coastline offers a regatta setting for fun and learning that water sports enthusiasts like you would expect from a spectacular coastal destination like Chiclana.

These winds and waters have been allies of World Championships and are a constant in our territory, opening the doors to a diverse scenario of emotions all year round.

So, if your passion is surfing, on La Barrosa, in its waves, you will find the perfect place to ride the board, whether you are an experienced surfer or an enthusiastic learner.

This is a beach where windsurfers will also enjoy the sailing conditions which are calmer in front of the village of Sancti Petri, at the entrance to the channel.

However, if your thing is kitesurfing, you will find the best 'airstrips’ in La Barrosa or next to the Castle of Sancti Petri.