The best backdrop for a regata


We are an outstanding part of one of the most spectacular, famous and magical places in southern Europe for the practice of water sports, the Bay of Cadiz.  

Historically a setting for national and international regattas (we hosted the World Sailing Championship in 1992), along our coast and throughout the year, you will enjoy the best conditions to let your imagination 'sail', whether you are a professional or amateur.  

 Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, our coastline treasures one of the most extraordinary places that exists for the practice of water sports, the Caño de Sancti Petri channel. This is a unique corner of paradise where we can guarantee that 365 days a year you will find the best possible stage for the practice of sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, diving, kitesurfing, sport fishing, etc.

Its calm waters, the winds that blow from the west and east and its surroundings of salterns, marshes and remnants of ancient fishing traditions will ensure you enjoy unforgettable experiences, both sporting and leisure.You will have access to excellent facilities, such as the marinas of the Agencia Pública Andaluza and the Sancti Petri Sailing Club, and there are a large number of companies of proven prestige in the sector providing services.If your destiny, the one you imagine, is drawn in a nautical key, then there is no doubt that you have set your eyes on the ideal destination.