Something for everyone


Are you passionate about theatre, cinema, literature, music and everything that breathes culture, fun and excitement?  If so, don't give it another thought. Bring your friends and family and come and enjoy all those scenarios we have created for you...

Scenarios in which the seventh art is enjoyed under the light of the stars, in which comedy and tragedy climb onto boards that creak in magical corners and where music, that universal language, fills everything.

There is also an enticing offer concentrated in seven modern and attractive commercial areas (Miramar, Tartessus Center, Novo Center, Amanecer, Bellamar, Hercules and La Gaviota) integrated in Chiclana's large hotel zone, a shopping area with large garden areas where you can do all your shopping, have a drink or simply let yourself be enticed by some of the proposals for relaxation, gastronomy, etc.

We can promise you emotions and encounters with culture in the streets, squares, theatres... Now it's your turn to choose.