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Pepe Rayas Bildausstellung

Samstag, 18 Juli 2020 10:49Turismo General |

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Bar La Embajada (c/ Arroyuelo, 14)

Next Thursday, July, 9th at 9 pm , the presentation of the painting exhibition of the artist Pepe Raya will take place. The exhibition hall of the restaurant La Embajada (c/ Arroyuelo, 14) houses this work for one month, exactly until August, 9th. The Ateneo member (learned society) José Raya Gómez, better known as Pepe Raya, is a retired teacher after forty years of teaching. During this time he has been very much linked to the artistic world, rather to the forms of artistic expression, both in the plastic arts and in the theatre.

The result of this interest has been the achievement of two educational research prizes from the Junta de Andalucía; both of them, referred to the teaching of the area of Plastic Arts: The CUIMRE method and the CU-MAN METHOD of Analysis of Light and Dark. His work is a continuous and obsessive search for forms of plastic expression trying to imitate them in order to understand them better.

For this reason, it does not have a specific style or theme, although it does denote a very strict way of proceeding with the rules of composition to achieve aesthetic beauty through plastic. In all his works, whether figurative or abstract, there is a rhetoric that can only be reached through a careful visual reading. His most admired, followed and imitated artists are Kandinsky, Vázquez Díaz, Gauguin and Paul Klee. This exhibition has the exclusive that it is the first time that our Ateneo member exhibits individually.

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